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Brent Roling

Strength and Conditioning Coach


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As a former Division I scholarship athlete, I have experienced first-hand what it takes to prepare your body to compete at the highest level. Throughout my college tenure, I had the privilege of being a scholarship student-athlete for the University of Nevada, Reno football team while obtaining my B.S. in nutrition. My passion for strength and conditioning developed early in my athletic career, as our strength and conditioning coaches were constantly striving to educate us and give us top-tier training programs. 


I obtained my master’s degree in nutrition and my CSCS certification because I wanted to give athletes completely comprehensive and effective programming. Proper nutrition is the key to unlocking the true potential of any great training program.

Through my experience training hundreds of college athletes across every major college sport, I have developed an effective system to both prepare athletes for and keep them in competition. 

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Kelli Callahan is the perfect example of how hard work and buy-in pay off in college athletics. She is not built like a prototypical swimmer with a long frame and broad shoulders, yet she constantly outperformed those who were. I had the privilege of being Kelli’s strength and conditioning coach during her decorated college career and continue to work with her as her personal trainer. 


Kelli is naturally strong, so the strength training portion of her programming was easy when she was competing in college. Strength was still an integral part of her programming, just not the focus. Our main focuses were developing power (reducing time off the block, faster turns, stronger strokes, etc.) and protecting her against common issues that swimmers deal with. She never questioned the plan, she just bought in and worked her tail off. 


To elaborate, swimmers often develop issues like a rounded posture, quad dominance and an inherent lack of core strength due to the nature of their sport. So, when working with Kelli (and the rest of the swim team), I focused on building strength and endurance for postural muscles, balancing lower body strength and a lot of core work. I passionately believe that this methodology simultaneously contributed to the success and good health of Kelli and her teammates. Throughout her career, Kelli developed an impressive resume as a 3x NCAA Qualifier with multiple conference records. She continues to be an amazing client and is always striving to better herself.

“Before meeting Brent I had no formal experience, confidence or knowledge in the weight room. As a collegiate swimmer, all my athletic experience was in the pool. Brent is one of the best coaches I have ever had! He applied his knowledge base to swimming and created a program to enhance every swimmer’s ability in and out of the pool. His program was considerate of the intricacies of the sport, and effective enough to help me compete on a national level. Through his coaching I’ve gained both confidence and knowledge about training, and also a lifelong love for the weight room.”

- Kelli Callahan

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“Coach Roling was instrumental in our growth as a program in reducing soft tissue injuries, increasing flexibility and adding strength and power for our players.  He also was tremendous in nutrition; helping our players reach their weight goals safely and sustainably.”

- Jeff Thomas; Head Football Coach; University of Puget Sound

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“Brent is the best strength coach I have had the privilege of working with.  His vast knowledge (not just weights but nutrition, sleep, conditioning, recovery, etc…) combined with his tireless work ethic is second to none.  He truly cares about getting the best out of athletes and would cater and personalize workouts to the individual.  Brent was especially effective at this personalized approach because he took the time to get to know the athletes and was one of our biggest supporters at games.  In his three years at Puget Sound the results I saw from our athletes were tremendous.  Our players would routinely shatter their personal best lifting records while transforming themselves into the best athletes they could be.”

- Aubrey Shelton; Head Men’s Basketball Coach; University of Puget Sound

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“Being a lifelong athlete, I have always needed to invest adequate time towards training and maintenance of my body. While playing football throughout high school and college, I had continuous hip and lower back issues. After discussing this pain and joint stiffness with Brent, he had recommended that I work on hip mobility. This is something that my Division-One strength coaches explained, but I never took it seriously until Brent sat me down. Brent explained to me the effects of hip tightness and how it directly related to the pain I was feeling. Once I realized that my hips were the cause of my body stiffness and pain, I requested that Brent create a training program for me. He created a highly detailed and outlined training regiment for me to follow. This regiment included instructional videos and highly detailed instructions all tailored to my personal needs. In two weeks, I immediately saw results. Not only was the pain subsiding, but my strength numbers and performance had increased. Brent knows what he’s doing and he is highly professional. I would recommend him to all athletes and individuals personally interested in self-improvement”. 

- Jordan Dobrich, MBA, 

University of Nevada Football Team

Three-Time Team Captain, NFF Campbell Trophy Finalist, Mountain West Scholar Athlete of the Year

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